A Seizure Alert Dog

The purpose of and memberhip in the organization

The purpose of this organization is to provide a seizure alert dog to its members.

Any Individual with epilepsy living in Yakima, Ellensburg, or Selah Washington receiving from all sources between $12,000 and $30,000 in 2013 dollars may apply for membership. To apply you must submit a signed, notorized letter with your name, your mailing address, your physical address if different, your paypal e-mail address or cell phone number (assuming it is linked to your PayPal account) and a check or USPS Money Order (made payable to A Seizure Alert Dog) for $100.00, with the exception of the director who is automatically granted membership due to his time and effort in putting this web site together and in running the business side of things. You will then be billed either $10.75 per month or $2.65 per week via paypal. Specify which you prefer in your letter. Your letter must also state "I agree if my account goes 7 days past due twice in a 12 month period or 10 days late once my membership will be canceled and all funds collected shall be nonrefundable. Also I agree to notify the organization within 10 days if any of this information changes."

To avoid cancelation you may prepay up to 6 months for a grand total of $62.50 or 26 weeks for a grand total of $65.00 with your application. This will result in your inoices being noted "not due at present."

Submit your letter to: Christopher Schell, A Seizure Alert Dog, 710 N 1st ST #109, YAKIMA WA 98901-2204

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